Warranty Claim / Return Center

Warranty claims are not authorized through the phone.

Address: 1468 Northgate Blvd. - Sarasota, FL 34234
Phone: 941.203.5792
Email: warranty@slingshotonly.com

Slingshot Only is not a product manufacturer.  Each product we sell is subject to the manufacturers warranty. All product issues unrelated to shipping, damage during shipping or receipt of incorrect items should be sent directly to the manufacturer for expedited service.  We can walk you through that process if necessary. Warranties must go through our site so we can monitor and insure all issues are handled appropriately. Our main goal is to offer an outstanding service on our products that not only speaks volumes for our products quality, but also demonstrates that we are human too and if we have made an error, we will do what we can to make things right. Accidents happen, but the manner in which we rectify such wrong doings separates us from the competition. While we do love taking care of our excellent customers, there are still a few things that our vendors warranty still will not cover such as damages made during installation, etc. Please allow us time to properly solve your situation to the best of our ability and your satisfaction. We ask you not to place negative reviews on social media or other to allow us this time. If we do not solve the issue we agree you have the right to review but please give us the chance to make it right first

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING THE CLAIM FORM: Claims must be submitted to SlingshotOnly via mail, emailed or submitted through the online form below. Download and complete the Warranty Claim Form (if you cannot fill out our online version) Damage claims must be made before product installation A picture of the receipt must be presented with warranty. A photo of the damage is required.