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Wycked Hitch – Trailer Hitch System

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Wycked Hitch – Trailer Hitch System


(6 customer reviews)

The Only “Adjustable” Trailer Hitch for the Polaris Slingshot on the Market.

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Product Description

The only trailer hitch that uses the Polaris Slingshot’s suspension instead of the swing arm.
100% Designed, Built, and Tested in the USA Specifically for the Polaris Slingshot.
Patent Pending Adjustable Hitch Height.
All Work Done by Family Owned Businesses.
Max Tongue Weight: 150 lbs (Goose Neck).
Drop Hitch Tongue Weight Max: 75 lbs.
Max Towing Capacity: 1300 lbs (Goose Neck).
Drop Hitch Max Towing Capacity: 650 lbs.
Network of Beta Testers willing to assist new owners with installation & wiring help.
Dealer Tested, Installed, and Distributed.

Steel Alloy Frame System.
Engineered for extreme performance.
Stealth Design.
You won’t even know it’s there when not in use.
Install by Dealer or DIY.
Only adjustable system of its kind!
Thoroughly Tested.
Designed not to fail.

This requires the trailer wiring sub harness.
Harness fits 4 or 5 wire trailers.

**Pre-Order Special***
Approx 3 weeks production and shipping time.

Check out the video here…

Rear Deck Removal Video…

Wycked Hitch Install Video…

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Trailer Hitch Only, Trailer hitch With Wiring Harness

6 reviews for Wycked Hitch – Trailer Hitch System

  1. Rich Arlt

    As the developer of this product, I felt it was my duty to be the first to review it. I have been testing the hitch system extensively for the past 7 months (January-August of 2016). Noel Hughes has been testing the hitches as a Slingshot dealer for the past 6 months. If you look at the website ( and my YouTube videos, you will be able to view the hitch in action as installed on my base Polaris SS and Noel’s turbo-charged SS.

    We have been testing and towing various loads that are within the limitations of the Slingshot, and way beyond what any person of sound mind should try to do. I can guarantee this hitch system is the most rugged and versatile one on the market! It is the only frame mounted hitch that utilizes a receiver. I highly recommend you give us a call before purchasing any swing arm mounted hitch, they just aren’t safe!

    We have many innovative products on the way that will add to the versatility of the Slingshot, making your traveling and driving much more enjoyable. We pride ourselves on being a small family company who will listen to, and work with our customers in the development of future accessories. We fabricate our hitches and components in the State of Washington, and guarantee them to always be “Made in America!”

  2. T.P.

    My wife and I have logged a couple of thousand miles towing our mini camper (900-1000 lbs loaded with our gear) with this hitch. We have also used it with an aluminum cargo rack to carry luggage for some weekend getaways. Excellent craftsmanship and Rich at Wycked Hitch gave us top notch customer service. Best hitch on the market for the Slingshot in my opinion.

  3. Steve Lewis

    After much anguish over which hitch to choose from, the Wycked Hitch is the only one that was the choice for me. It just didn’t seem right to me that a swingarm mounted one was one that wouldn’t eventually affect the swingarm.
    I purchased mine directly from Rich Early ,(the creator) and he was great to work with. The installation was easy, as said earlier the hardest part was removing the rear deck. I made my own wiring harness and luckily everything works fine.
    I also got a Harbour Freight trailer that I mounted a clam shell cargo carrier to. This is a short term solution but will have to do for now. I haven’t had a chance to do very much towing with it, but the little I have you couldn’t even tell it was back there.
    In my opinion, the Wycked Hitch is a very well made system, with “system” being the right term . It works with the Slingshot as though it should have been there to begin with. I am looking forward to many happy towing miles and when not needing a trailer, I’m in the process of building a carrier rack that will go up and over the back of the Sling, utilizing the Wycked Hitch receiver socket. If you decide to go with this hitch, you will be happy with it.

  4. Jason Grundman

    You cannot find a better hitch for the Slingshot. Easy to install and works as advertized. Like Steve Lewis, I attached a rooftop clamshell to a small trailer to haul luggage and stuff for a 6 day trip to the Smokie Mountains. 1000+ miles with no issues or concerns. No rattling or wagging; easy to forget you have a light load. When I first hooked up, I bounced/jumped on the tongue and hitch as hard as could, just like Rich does in his videos, and the only thing to move was the rear shock.

    Unlike the swingarm mounted kits, this thing does not flex or bow and no worries about excessive stress on the swingarm. Unlike the hanger style kits (Rivco), the Wycked Hitch is permanently installed and very discreet. The only thing you need to attach is a gooseneck with a standard hitch ball and you’re done. Once the hitch is installed, you can leave your wrenches at home. The gooseneck (or other accessory) attached with a standard hitch pin. Last, but not least, the Wycked Hitch is more versatile than the competition because you can mount different accessories such as cargo decks and bike racks, just like you would on a car/truck hitch. If you want a hitch with no compromises, nothing else comes close.

  5. Tom Tackett

    This is the most solidly built hitch out there. 2400 miles through snow, rain, wind and heat pulling my trailer and I never knew it was back there. Since most trailers are designed to carry your ice chest on the tongue, you can get them overloaded quickly, at least that was my experience pulling this same trailer on my Goldwing. Not so with this hitch. The added benefits of being able to remove everything when not in use cannot be stated enough. No one likes hitting their shin on the ball! I chose this hitch over all other styles because I didn’t want or like the idea of any of them being mounted to the swing arm. I chose the drop hitch over the gooseneck, though I’m sure either work just fine. This is a great product, you will not be disappointed.

  6. Jorge Briones

    This hitch is simply amazing! 5 stars without question. When I was shopping around for a hitch to pull my Bushtec around with my SS i noticed several axle mounted units available. Once I took a look at how those were mounted I opted out of them. I did not want anything attached to a swingarm that is designed to be bouncing and take the impact off of the rider. Knowing that, I ran across the Wycked hitch design and decided that it was the one that was going to fit my needs. The unique design and CORRECT mounting points on it place the stress on the vehicle’s frame vs the swingarm. While it’s more than capable of hauling much more than my bushtec trailer around, my intentions were to use it to do just that. I opted for the Drop Hitch option that’s offered and it’s worked flawlessly for about 1500 miles now. I have several pictures and A video of what the hitch looks like on the Sling as well as with the trailer attached.

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