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Twist Dynamics Welter Performance Bagger Exhaust

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Twist Dynamics Welter Performance Bagger Exhaust


Welter Performance – The Bagger Exhaust. Reduce heat issues with this great sounding, rear exiting exhaust for your Polaris Slingshot.

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Product Description

This great sounding, rear exiting Polaris Slingshot exhaust system eliminates the “drone effect” and loudness that are commonly experienced with other front exhaust systems.

The heat problem in the cockpit is eliminated as this system completely transfers the heat to the rear of the vehicle. You and your passenger will both agree that you don’t know how you ever lived without it.
Works with Corbin bags
CNC machined flange
Bolts to stock manifold or 1320 header
Aluminized steel construction
Mounting hardware included
1 year manufacturer warranty

!!!Please allow 3 week processing time

*Twist Dynamics Welter Performance Exhaust Systems are designed to work in conjunction with Slingshots whose battery trays have not been altered or those that are utilizing the Twist Dynamics Battery Tray Conversion Kit for the Optima Yellow-Top Battery upgrade ONLY.  All other aftermarket modifications to this area of the Slingshot may affect the safety and performance of the vehicle and exhaust system.  As such, Twist Dynamics CANNOT and will not accept responsibility for, nor honor warranty claims resulting from improper installation of the exhaust system or usage of unapproved battery tray modifications.*


*California law generally prohibits the sale and installation of aftermarket exhaust products UNLESS such products are installed on vehicles that did not come originally equipped with catalytic converters or are used only for racing and are never used upon a California highway. Before selling or purchasing in California, see our Customer Service page for more information on Federal and State Noise and Emissions Laws.


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