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Twist Dynamics Black Stinger Roof for the Polaris Slingshot

Twist Dynamics Black Stinger Roof for the Polaris Slingshot


(7 customer reviews)

Twist Dynamics Stinger Roof System for the Polaris Slingshot.  All Twist Dynamics Stinger Roof Systems Come WITH The Interior Console Lighting/Switches!!!!!

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Product Description

You’ve never seen a hard-top roof for the Polaris Slingshot like this. The patent-pending Stinger roof fits the Polaris Slingshot like a glove and gives you both the protection of a hard-top but also the option to drive open-top. There are no roll bars to get in your way or your line of sight, no ducking and twisting to get into your seat, no permanent structure to block the open sky, and absolutely fantastic comfort!

This top system avoids all of the problems of other roof designs by eliminating bulky and obtrusive roll bars with absolutely NO support structure up front. That means you get an unobstructed view of the road, as if there was no roof at all! The Stinger mounts to the factory roll hoops and is supported between the seats by a heavy-duty center tube. It’s so strong you can stand on it! (We’re not kidding, check out the photos below.) Dual flip-up canopies easily lift up out of the way so you can simply step into your seat with no bending, twisting or ducking. Once locked down they are rigid and with dark transparent panels you get both shade and a great view of the sky.

Want to ride without the roof? No problem! Both lightweight canopies unlock and slide right off of the center Stinger, easy as can be. Leave them at home or reverse them so they sit behind you, always there if you need them, but converting to an open cockpit. The Stinger is also height-adjustable so even the tallest riders with helmets can easily fit underneath.

And if all of that isn’t enough, an optional overhead panel with LED courtesy lights (separate switch and light per side) gives you great interior lighting at night. Two spare switches are part of this option, one for the optional high-power LED light bar, and one for your own LED lights or other electrical accessory.

The Stinger is simply the most versatile roof system ever created. It comes in various color combinations and opaque roof panels if you need total sun protection. You can drive at highway speeds looking over the shield with nothing but a light breeze on your face. Wear a baseball cap and plain sunglasses if you want, almost all of the airflow gets jetted over the roof, not into the cockpit. It’s like being in a regular car but with no windshield to look through! The open road has never been more comfortable or more enjoyable in your Slingshot.

!!!!!All Stinger Roof Systems Come WITH The Interior Console Lighting/Switch

**Please allow approximately four (4) business weeks for production**


Additional Information

Center Shade Color


Roof Material


LED Bar Spotlight

With LED Spotlight Bar, Without LED Spotlight Bar

7 reviews for Twist Dynamics Black Stinger Roof for the Polaris Slingshot

  1. jereed1 (verified owner)

    Very simple to install I like that it gives you room to get in and out.It also gives good shade on hot days if you want you can take the t-top off in just min I give it 5 stars

  2. parrot (verified owner)

    This top is awesome, just had to do a little adjustment on the latch on drivers side. Very easy to install for one person. Top looks great and have a lot of compliments on the looks. Great product.

  3. Jim (verified owner)

    I bought this top because of the Hot sun in S. Tx. in the winters. We live in Mi. in the summer & need the sun off from us then also. I’m 6’4″ & it works Great even if I don’t flip the top I can get in & out. Opens really quick & shuts the same. This with the 13″ MadStad adjustable windshield makes ALL the air go over the roof !!!! Great pair highly recommend !!!! Jim

  4. Jacques (verified owner)

    I received the roof in a tamely manner in a well protective packaging. I install it the same day, took me about 2 hours by my sell with no problem, didn’t have to use the instruction manual has I watch the video many time before I decided to order it . it have probably taking less time if I dint have to removed the plate under the cup holder that hold the pole, one of the thread hole probably from a burr, extra paint or whatever has to to tap again. But it wasn’t a bit deal for me, it can happen, just check before you start to install that plate underneath the slingshot. other that that I didn’t have any problem at all. the quality is excellent and the roof is very sturdy. I like the fact that it leave you the view with out looking at support arms like many other roof and it why I order this one. I may have to replace the original windshield to direct the air a little bit more oven the top to minimize the vibration mostly at high speed (80 mph) overall I am giving a 5 star.

  5. mdwlambo (verified owner)

    best top around,was thinking about cheper tops,iam 6,3 did not need bars in the way,this is great in las vegas it gets 114 to much without top looks great i will give it a 15 out a 10 mike

  6. Michael (verified owner)

    I bought the stinger roof made a mistake when ordering the red. Slingshot Only did the exchange for me but it took longer than expected. I have it on the Slingshot now and I really like it. I also bought the 13 inch Madstad windshield . The 11inch might have been better with the top . I got the roof with the light on it, that light shines on the windshield kind of like driving with the dome light on in your car. It doesn’t light the road up very much but reflective road signs light up like they are electrified it’s kind of cool.

  7. mortrude (verified owner)

    Nice product. Only complaint is the bolts used to attach the stinger to the back support. The bolts have 5mm allen heads and nylon nuts. I couldn’t even turn these. I went to the hardware store and bought hex head bolts the same size so I could use real tools to attach them. Other than that, this is a fantastic product. Looks great works great, getting lots of compliments over the top.

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