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Twist Dynamics Cold Air Intake System for the Polaris Slingshot

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Twist Dynamics Cold Air Intake System for the Polaris Slingshot

$349.95 $289.99

(16 customer reviews)

Give your Polaris Slingshot a boost. Cold air intake provides cold air to the engine for more power.

Product Description

Twist Dynamics Cold Air Intake for the Polaris Slingshot. Extensively tested on street and track, this offers outstanding upper RPM power while improving response and midrange punch. Its wide-open design provides a rowdy blow-off valve sound too! Mandrel-bent from high-nickel steel premium tube, CoolRam will not chafe or wear like lower-quality soft aluminum intake tubes. As a bonus, Cold Air Intake more durable steel design runs cooler, transferring less engine compartment heat to incoming air than aluminum.

Continuously one-piece mandrel-bent for superb flow…no ‘cuts and welds’.
High-nickel steel tube for perfect bends and superb durability.
Powder coated for long-lasting beauty.
Draws cool air from the front of engine compartment.
Seals tight against the hood to draw cool air from the front and away from the engine.
Carefully designed for compatibility: no Check Engine Lights.

*We do NOT color match the filters for this item.  All large filters are red.  The smaller air breather filter will either be red, blue, black or silver.  You are NOT able to choose which color for this item.

Cold Air Intake installtion Manual

Additional Information


Black, Black Carbon Fiber, Black Texture, Blue, Blue Carbon Fiber, Electric Blue, Green Carbon Fiber, Lime Squeeze, Midnight Cherry, Navy Blue, Orange, Orange Carbon Fiber, Orange Madness, Red, Red Carbon Fiber, Red Texture, Sunset Red, Turbo Silver, White, White Carbon Fiber, Yellow Carbon Fiber

16 reviews for Twist Dynamics Cold Air Intake System for the Polaris Slingshot

  1. Mike Robles (verified owner)

    Can’t believe there are no reviews on this CAI. Great job Cyclesprings. Install was easy and I immediately felt the difference from the stock intake. $ well spent. Gotta go ride now and listen to it growl!

  2. alilong10 (verified owner)

    Vary easy install coming from a non mechanical person. The sound is great and feels more powerful.

  3. dajaxson (verified owner)

    Wow this CAI not only looks great, it gives a performance boost and sound to my Slingshot. Throttle response is a lot better and there is a deeper sound to the engine now. Rev the engine sitting still and you can just hear it sucking the air in. Sling seems to even pull better when in 5th and you hit the accelerator. Money well spent for my first engine upgrade.

  4. Eric Colasacco

    Installed in my 2016 SL LE and it looks amazing! Quality throughout. I tossed around others because the price was higher. You get what you pay for…. LOVE IT!!!

    As always, great customer service from Cycle Springs.

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    Awesome look, sound and performance. Very easy install. Love it!!!!!

  6. phillip.kastrup (verified owner)

    No install instructions!!!!!!!
    the box was already put together for me yeah..For a Hahn product the welds look like some one in shop class did them.. they did not even grind them better here….
    paint looks great.
    asked for blue filters and only got one blue and other was red.
    took a while to figure out how to install the box and that you have to put the front down under the front brackets to get it to fit.
    the box over the carb was very frustrating to get it on.. putting the rubber seal on top.. I ended up cutting it and had to buy another larger one from auto store. pricey!!!!!
    I did get it on finally after 4 hours.
    over all I do love the sound.. and the look, and if you are looking for a cheaper bolt on HP upgrade this is your answer.. it wakes up the engine between 4 -6 k range!!!!

  7. Daryl (verified owner)

    After researching and comparing other systems I decided to order this CAI. The installation was straight forward and very easy. I think it took me less than an hour. I was able to immediately hear a difference upon testing at start up. Once out on the road I was rather surprised in the increase in throttle response. After running for a while I could see that I did see a decrease in my MPG by around 2 mpg, but I can’t say this isn’t just due to me getting into it a little more.

    Structurally this unit is well made and looks great under the hood. My only issues are as follows:

    1. The welds on the plenum really should be cleaned up prior to being powder coated.

    2. The plate on the plenum is not a Hahn, but rather something that I can’t even read.

    3. I was under the impression that these came with genuine K&N filters; as indicated in the video; but they are actually an off brand. This is a minor detail that wouldn’t be a deciding factor on purchase for me though as the included filters appear to be of good quality.

    Overall, I highly recommend this product.

  8. Andrew (verified owner)

    Going to have to agree with phillip.kastrup on just about everything he said. Install instructions would have been nice!

    Welds look horrible, but paint is beautiful! My buddy wanted to grind the welds down to make them looks nicer, but the quality of the paint job kept me from letting him do it. I got red filters with the sunset red color so I was happy.

    Install took me way less time, but I have been working on vehicles for 20+ years. The o-ring on the throttle body is what confused the heck out of me at first. Finally got it seated right and tightened down to what looks to be right. No vacuum leaks and the clamp is tight, so I guess I am fine.

    Definitely makes a big difference and noticeable in the butt dyno area. Overall I am pretty happy!

  9. philip (verified owner)

    FIrst, my sunset red order was delayed about a month, was told there were powder coating issues. Welding on the plenum box wasn’t the best, but once coated it wasn’t as distracting. That being said, unit really looks great in the SS Red.

    I watched the install video before I ordered. By the time it arrived, all the install videos were gone. Okay, I’ll just ask for instructions. Sorry, none available, SSO told me if I wasn’t able to do it, to take to a certified shop.

    So let me give you instructions.
    First, remove the 2 radiator mounting bolts, the side holes on the airbox mounts there, and uses 1 original airbox bolt in the rear.
    Remove the temp sensor, and valve cover breather from original plastic intake. The mini filter for the breather is tough to install on the nipple, a little silicone spray on the rubber tubing can help slide into place.

    Biggest issue is the split alum ring, and the o-ring. Once the throttle body is exposed, gently place the split ring over the top lip, and slide to bottom (closest to engine). After applying thin film of clean engine oil to o-ring, gently slide that onto throttle body, resting on top of o-ring. Slide the plenum over the top of the throttle body while squeezing closed the split alum ring. Keep the split at the top of the engine, so you can see it. IF it doesn’t compress enough, the plenum won’t seal correctly, and you will have to do it over. Once plenum is tight against the split ring, tighten the allen head screw mounted to the underside of the plenum. That will give you a tight seal around the plenum.

    Don’t forget to install the temp sensor back into the rubber gasketed hole in the air plenum.

    They don’t advise what part numbers are needed for the 2 air filters, as the box was unmarked. Guess I will cross that bridge later on.

    Gave it 4 stars for lack of instructions, especially since it was noted in previous reviews that instructions were lacking.

  10. philip (verified owner)

    Need to edit my original instructions in recent review

    ***After applying thin film of clean engine oil to o-ring, gently slide that onto throttle body, resting on top of (o-ring) DELETE ORING mention.
    Slide o-ring over throttle body TO REST ON TOP OF THE SPLIT ALUM RING. Slide the plenum over the top of the throttle body while squeezing closed the split alum ring. Use fingers to narrow the gap on the split alum ring while placing air plenum over the throttle body. The clamp attached to air plenum will tighten against the split ring.

  11. Tom (verified owner)

    Love the look and function. The sunset red was a perfect match. However, the heat shield mounting holes do not line up with radiator mounting holes.
    They were off 1-1.5in. Even in the install video, he says you have to pull really hard to get the bolts in.
    Poor design. Many have stated the welds were bad. They must have gotten the message. I’m a welder and these looked pretty good.
    As I stated my ride is sunset red, red fellows. The valve cover breather they sent is silver. What’s the problem? A red would have been nice. Is it that hard to match colors?

  12. 62ajochums (verified owner)

    This is the second one for a second machine I have purchased. This one was at a lower price than the first one. The weld on the top of the air can had a pin hole. I fixed it.
    The ears of the air plenum were bent quite a bit, and had to tweak them. Color match was dead on. Installation was straight forward. This mod is one of the easiest and best looking, to change the appearance to the engine compartment. Overall I am pleased. Best regards

    • Joe Ranuro

      If you ever incur an issue such as this again please let us know immediately. It benefits all parties to notify the manufacturer of issues such as this to ensure that that these issues do not repeat themselves. Thank you so much for your purchase and we hope that you enjoy the products!

  13. bbenfer (verified owner)

    Easy, straight forward install. Definitely added mid-range response. And a deeper growl added to the sound. Very happy with this purchase. Thanks Slingshot Only

    • Joe Ranuro

      You are quite welcome. We hope you enjoy the upgraded performance to your bike!

  14. Ken (verified owner)

    I watched the installation video twice before installing the CAI. The installation was very straight forward albeit I used a different order of installation than shown in the video. Having a 16.5 Sling, I installed the air dam first. Removing the radiator bolts, the dam installed very easily with no alignment issues. Then I installed the elbow tube into the air dam ensuring adequate clearance and installed the air cleaner. Slipping the “O-ring spacer” over the intake throat I carefully positioned the lubed O-ring on top of the spacer. I put the “rubber coupler” on the carburetor airbox tube, connected the coupler with the elbowed intake tube and set the carburetor air box on the carburetor intake throat. Took a little “twisting” of the tubes to ensure alignment and seating of the airbox and everything aligned perfectly with the airbox fully seated on the throttle throat. I installed and tightened the throttle airbox clamping ring screw, tightened the two band clamps and installed the temperature sensor in the airbox grommet. (The grommet was installed in the airbox when I received it.) Put a drop of lube on the small air filter and placed it on the nipple and tightened the band clamp. The entire installation took less than 1 hour and was far easier then depicted in the video! The CAI looks great, sounds great and the Sling feels snappier!! Great Product!!

  15. rikdayvs (verified owner)

    Very easy installation! The orange madness color really makes the engine compartment look great!!! VERY SATISFIED!!

  16. tellez75 (verified owner)

    Very easy to install, sounds nice and does what it says it is supposed to do.

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