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Keyless Ignition for the Polaris Slingshot

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Keyless Ignition for the Polaris Slingshot

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(3 customer reviews)

Digital Guard Dawg Keyless Ignition Kit for your Polaris Slingshot. Advanced radio frequency identification device. For Better Security and Peace of mind.

Product Description

In a world where security is a necessity and convenience in high demand, keyless technology is the perfect Polaris Slingshot security solution. The KIM-SS will completely eliminate your Slingshot’s Ignition switch and all the hassles associated with using a key. The KIM-SS lets every Polaris Slingshot owner go Go Keyless!
No keys to hassle with, No buttons to push, just absolute convenience and powerful security. Simply carry one of the systems digital RFID “Dawg Tags” with you. When you’re ready to drive, just climb in, flip your factory rocker switch ON, push the start button and GO! When your drive is over, flip the rocker switch OFF to kill the engine and just walk away . . .

The systems RFID Dawg Tag can be switched between two different operating modes, “Automatic” or “Manual”. In Automatic Mode the Dawg Tag communicates Slingshot dawg Tag Pic automatically with the Ignition module as you approach your Slingshot, Just climb in and your Slingshot is ready to start. In Manual Mode you must press the Transmit Button on the Dawg Tag to authorize your ignition. Manual Mode is often used when you are going to be near your Slingshot for a period of time but still want the system to remain Armed, such as at an car show.

The kit includes a new factory style ON / OFF rocker switch. With your Dawg Tag in your pocket, just flip the switch to ON when you climb in and your Ignition activates. Just push the Start Button and you engine roars to life!

When we say secure we mean it! Unlike common alarms that simply interrupt the starter circuit and can be easily defeated. When the KIM-SS arms, every circuit on your Slingshot is completely immobilized! No other product gives you this level of protection. When you kill the engine, You just walk away… “Hands Free” auto arming will completely disable your Slingshot’s entire Ignition system, making it the most advanced and effective security available today!

The KIM-SS kit includes everything you need to add the awesome convenience of complete keyless operation to your Slingshot. Our innovative plug & play “T” harness uses factory connectors to interface with your Slingshot Ignition system without cutting any wires in under 30 minutes and allows even someone with no installation experience to dress up their Slingshot with this sizzling accessory.

Click HERE for install instructions.

3 reviews for Keyless Ignition for the Polaris Slingshot

  1. dcv (verified owner)

    for aftermarket it is the best i have used. works every time, not always on auto mode but it works none the less. easy to install around 1hr with simple tools like screw drivers and zip ties. one flaw is the automatic mode doesnt aways work, so sometime u get in u would need to hit the remote button then the switch will work. you cannot use the key in conjunction with this, which is a nice option to have just in case this fail. for me it is worth the money because i hate the oem key, it is big and bulky, i have lost it so many times because i dont like it in my pocket. this helps me as i leave it with my keychain in my pocket. would highly recommend.

  2. Erin Bruce

    Just got mine and loving it ! Definately one of the best accessories I’ve added yet. Mine worksas just as described in fully automatic mode. I just walk up, get in and push the start button and go. Seems well made, it was an easy install with good instructions, much appreciated. So Cool to get rid of using keys.

  3. thomc00 (verified owner)

    Four stars
    Would be five if there was an option for the accessories switch and additional flob.
    Instructions were great must read before executing.

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