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Fuse Block for the Polaris Slingshot

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Fuse Block for the Polaris Slingshot

$94.99 $88.99

(2 customer reviews)

Extra Fuse Block for electrical accessories such as lights and stereo for your Polaris Slingshot.

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Product Description

Add an extra fuse block to your Polaris Slingshot. Easy to Install. Built-In Relay. Thick Circuit Board. Compact Size. No Crimping. Ground Bus. 6 Fuzed Circuits. Power Selection. Power Protection. Spare Fuze Holders. Mini (ATM) Fuzes. Weather Resistant. Markable Label. 95-5VA ABS Cover.

FZ-1 Includes:
FZ-1 Fuzeblock
6 Fuses (2,3*2,5,10*2)
Mounting Plate
Mounting Hardware (screws/nuts)
*Requires additional wiring harness.

Fuse Block Installation

Additional Wiring Kit
Partially assembled for super easy installation. No crimping required and a Posi-Tap is included to make tapping your switched wire input a breeze with no damage to your wiring. To install the harness simply cut the wires to the desired length, add the cable harness webbing and zip tie the harness into place. We’ve made it very easy to install in a complete solution with the least amount of effort.

Kit Contents:
9′ 12GA Red w/Ring Terminal & 30A ATM inline fuse
9′ 12GA Black w/Ring Terminal
9′ 18GA Yellow w/3A ATM inline fuse
8′ Wire Harness Split Loom Webbing
1 Posi-Tap, EX-150B
Zip Ties

Wire Harness Installation

Additional Information


Fuse Block Only, Fuse Block With Wiring Harness

2 reviews for Fuse Block for the Polaris Slingshot

  1. cearleyma (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Fuse Block with the Wiring Harness for the Polaris Slingshot (I have a 2016 Polaris Slingshot SL (RED)). Now, I I just thought this information should be passed along to the “Fuse-Block” Manufacurer & they needed to be made aware of what I came across. They need to correct an issue I had with it that I would assume would be a problem for anyone else trying to install the “Fuse-Block” & the wiring kit themselves and did not have the technical background as I do in order to fix such an issue.

    What was the problem you might ask? Well, The Red Power wire that went from the Battery Positive terminal along with the shielding) to the engine compartment; BOTH WERE AT LEAST 1-FOOT TOO SHORT IN MY OPINION in order to attach the Fuse-Block at the IDEAL location on the left side near the factory Fuse-box (just below the hood-latch). I HAD THE SHIELDING & THE Red POWER WIRE stretched to the max. & it was too short.

    My solution in order to fix the problem was to splice in about a foot-&-a-half additional identical wire to the red wire (had about 2-feet left over from a previous project). The shielding will work AS-IS, but really is a bit short, also. It needs to be at least a foot longer.

    Additionally, the Ground wire “Eyelet” end was too small to attach to the mounting bolt of the Hood-Latch as a grounding point as shown in a “How-to-Install” video I found on “You-Tube” (again-not “Slingshot-Only’s” responsibility –I know). I found a nearby grounding point where another ground wire was attached & put it there.

    THE YELLOW WIRE (that attaches to the Power wire when the ignition-key is turned on) is plenty long enough & was VERY EASY TO INSTALL!

    The written instruction on how to install the “Fuse-Block” & wiring kit WERE SEVERLY LACKING. Although there was instructions included in BOTH THE “Fuse-Block” itself & the wiring kit they offered very little or no information on how & where to install the items at all. If it had not been for the “How-To” video I found on-line, I probably would not have known how to do it either.

    NOW I suppose I could have chose a different location to attach the Fuse-box from the one recommended in the “How-To-Video” (possibly in the Drivers side of the Cockpit). But the spot recommended in the Video is IDEAL, a lot of people may choose to purchase the product because of the supposed ease of installation (they would observe in the video) & then look for the best price like I did. Which (for me) the “Fuse-Block” & wiring kit from “Slingshot-Only” was lower in cost than their competitors!

    I am not complaining as to the quality of the product, I am sure it will work just fine. But, because I am a retired Aviation Maintenance Technician (retired Jumbo-Jet Engine Mechanic for American Airlines). I was able to fix the problem on my own without too much of an issue. But for the regular “Do-it-Yourselfer” might get discouraged & give up.

    Nope-I ‘m not complaining, just wanting to pass the word to you so that this information can go to the Manufacturer so there will NOT BE any additional problems for anyone else in the future. It would have been better to have too much wire included in the Kit (in my opinon) rather than not enough. And the written installation instructions should include recommended mounting locations & read-ability for someone who has an 8th grade reading level and not have to have SPACE-AGE TECHINICAL TRAINING in order to install it.

    But as far as quality–NO COMPLAINTS!


  2. 7dcfamily (verified owner)

    the fuse block was a great fit. well made.
    I installed on my 2017 slr
    both + and – were ran to the battery..

    both leads were about 2 feet short for the run.
    other then that great product.

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