Installation Service

Installation Services

While some Polaris Slingshot owners are expert installers who are more than comfortable with taking a DIY approach to Slingshot Mods, many other owners are unable or uninclined to install the Sling Mods of their dreams due to lack of time, space, necessary tools, interest, experience, patience, or ability.

For these owners, we advise delegating the installation to the professionals and enjoying the benefits of a job well done. We’ve seen enough mods-gone-wrong scenarios to strongly caution owners about knowing their limits when it comes to installs - which is why, We The Professionals, are here to help.

Installations at Polaris Slingshot Owners Events
Any event that we attend is an opportunity for installation. We bring a truck-load of product and set up full install bays at every event. If you would like to have something specific installed at an upcoming Event, be sure to preorder and preschedule your installation with a Sales Representative to guarantee product and installation availability at the event. Click here to view upcoming events.

Installations at SSO Garage in Sarasota, Florida
Unless we’re on the road at a Trade Show, Slingshot Only Garage does year-round installations (by appointment only). Click here to schedule an install.

Chat with a Sales Representative about Local Options for Installation
One huge benefit of us getting out into the Slingshot Community and attending Events is that we’ve made tons of connections with other vendors, autobody shops, dealerships, and other mod-saavy individuals across the U.S. that we can recommend to you if time or distance prevents us from assisting you ourselves.

Email or call (941) 203 - 5792 for more information.